It doesn’t matter how fat or unfit you may be. Or perhaps you are close to your fitness goals. We are a community of mid-age warriors, warhorses and wise guys and girls ready to help.

Perhaps you visited our site because you have put on some weight and you are over trying to kick start the ‘new you’ again. It could be a scare after some medical condition. Maybe you’re here because you think your best years are behind you. Perhaps you can’t look at yourself in the mirror anymore. Whatever the reason is that you are here, we welcome you with open arms and absolutely no judgment.

We hope that you will start now by learning how just the smallest of intentional changes will transform you into living a healthier and happier life. Yes, the core focus in our community is mostly about running (and some other exercises) together with healthy nutrition, but the starting point we believe is changing your mindset by creating new sustainable habits.

The best part of this whole journey is that once you get momentum you will love the new lifestyle. I know this sounds unrealistic and perhaps you are a bit skeptical. All we ask is that you do your bit and take some action, and we will help you every step of the way.

You will see for yourself how all the small changes will in time show huge results. We will show you how to make all these small changes, which includes the workouts and what to eat. We are mostly a group of mid-life people that have come to the realization that life really starts at 40. So, if you are in the mid-life category or even if you aren’t but are longing for change, this may very well be the home that you are looking for.