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Breaking through to fitness

Let’s face it. Most of us know we should exercise. But we often get overwhelmed by the many reasons not to exercise. The challenge is to deal with our reasoning. If we could change the way we think about exercise, maybe we would do it. This is much easier said than...

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Mentally Managing Pain and Fatigue while running

I have tried to be more conscious about what I'm focusing on since my last tough run when I slammed into the wall around mile 18. I researched the ‘hitting the wall’ syndrome and found the study of 1996 London Marathon runners and the conclusions the authors came to...

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Weight Training for Runners

When it comes to performing your best at any sport, it takes a lot of hard work and involves a variety of training regimens. Recently an athlete mentioned in an interview, that there are some things you just cannot do without when it comes to an exercise routine. The...

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Tips for becoming Fit for Life

Every single long-distance runner had to start somewhere. I can certainly attest to this, my first run lasted all of 500 meters or thereabouts. This article is for walkers and slow joggers who are interested in basic fitness.  This is not about learning how to win a...

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